Yearbook 1965 Stuff
Attack of the man eating ballons  25k
Bettys Crocker  23k
Please! Don't tap on the glass  38k

In your heart you know he is way right  21k
A dance for a buck?  14k
Remembering Gary  9k
Gary & Friends  14k
Not quite unanimous  22k
Morning roll call  25k
Remembering Kenny  16k
Love that squid?  30k

Another JCOWA  32k
Is Joyce sleeping or reading?  16k
Jump ropin' Gertrude  11k
Larry & Candy McD  13k
I would have sent you some kymos if I knew you had a kymograph  21k
Steve needing some time in a tanning bed  10k
Officers minus Pat  19k
We're off to see the wizard  15k
The horseless headman  17k
Remembering Randy  16k
I hope that table saw isn't turned on  29k
Remembering Paul Weiler  11k
Merry Xmas  25k
Boring Class?  13k
Don't throw bouquets at me......14k
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Mrs. Doubtfire  9k
Nancy & Karen  18k
Mysterious woman from the Orient  12k
Band On the Run  41k
Joy to the world  12k
Majorettes  13k
I like Jim's odds  29k
Linda W  9k
Gary Gary Mike  20k
I was working in the lab late one night.....18k
Faith and Betsy  19k
Bonnie and Pat  18k
If you didn't buy one like the poster said, catch some of the pix here  17k
Learning how to get statements from witnesses  11k
Lyn  11k
Miss S and Miss H   20k
Back then they didn't cost $20,000   20k
What's a typewriter? 15k 
At the greenhouse  20k
Dangerous?  Angry women with sticks  37k
V ball   27k
Cheerleaders   36k
Prom Collage 84k
Socks and Jocks  78k
Mike squared plus Linda squared  23k
Harry C   19k
Okie Collage    87k
I missed the joke  19k
Homecoming court is in session   37k
Wah Wah..... Wah a Wah tusi  13k
Student Council   25k

Karen Andrews Remembrance